Hydrating for Healthy Living Part 2

Focusing on regular water consumption will help us feel and look better. In Part 1 we talked about the importance of hydrating on a regular basis. Here are more insights on why and how to best hydrate for healthy living:

I read a great article the other day with the latest thinking on hydrating.  It used to be said that we should drink an average of a half-gallon a day. Current thinking is to drink one gallon a day. This includes juices, soups, tea etc. (Cola drinks and artificially sweetened drinks were not advised in this article.)

Sunny Blue Skies and WaterAlso, drinking water by itself allows the water to flow through us without absorbing as well as it could. If we eat just a little bit of food or put a little food into our water, it will cause the body to absorb the water better, because the body thinks it is nutrition. So, if we put a slice of cucumber or orange in our water, or eat a little piece of dried fruit or a couple of nuts, our body will treat it as food and go through the process of digestion to get that water to all the places in the body that would benefit.

It is also recommended that we drink water a little at a time, having a few sips every 15 minutes, is better for us than gulping a pint all at once. It is like a dry plant, if you pour a bunch of water on the plant, it spills over because the plant can’t absorb it all – give the plant a little at a time and it can take the water in and perk up more rapidly.  

Staying hydrated health benefits include lowering blood pressure, getting rid of headaches, cleaning toxins out of the body, and having good flowing bowel movements (without enough water our body will pull all the water out of our bowel movements and make them hard, causing them to make dents in our colon and then seeds and other foods can get stuck in the dents and cause all kinds of problems). Odd to talk about, but it is real. Another benefit is healthier skin – hydrate from the inside out.

One other article I read said to not drink too much water at meals. Eat your food and let your body absorb the nutrients. After you are done eating, then start up the water consumption.  It is ok to drink water or liquid with the meal, but the big push for water is after eating.Lastly, make sure to clean your water bottle with hot water and dish soap and use a bottle brush. Reuse your bottles to help our environment. Keep bottles available in the car so you can hydrate if you’re thirsty or sip at red lights, have glasses by your bedside, etc. When you see the glass of water, don’t just look at it, drink it.

So remember, sunny blue skies and rainy days are both good. Sunny blue skies to enjoy and rainy days to bring us water to hydrate. Keep hydrating to enjoy healthy living and may all your days have blue skies!

Hydrating for Healthy Living Part 1

Sunny blue skies and rainy days are both good. Sunny blue skies to enjoy and rainy days to bring us water to hydrate. I have been talking about drinking water lately, so this may sound familiar. We can never hear it enough it seems.

In fact, I had two clients this year faint because of dehydration. These people would be considered very active and healthy. It just goes to show that hydration can get away from any us if don’t drink water regularly.

Some people are great water drinkers and some of us need a reminder to drink it regularly- every day. It does not come naturally for me to drink water all day long. I have to make myself drink more water. Sometimes I wait until I am thirsty to drink water. That is not the best way to stay hydrated – we should drink water BEFORE we are really thirsty to keep our body working at its optimal level.

Watch for another post with more more details on the why and how to hydrate for healthy living.  

Meanwhile here is a short video on this important topic.


Healthy Living - Go Organic!

Today there is a lot of buzz about eating healthy.  Eating healthy means eating the right amounts of the right food.  Which usually means eating "organic" food.  "What is organic food"?  I did some  research on the subject and that confirmed my personal take that buying organic seems to be the best bet these days.

Organic_food_label_55320 For example, I go to the Belmont farmer's market, which is a certified market. That means that all the food they sell there has to be grown on their farm.  Also, they must either sell organic or pesticide free as much as possible. As I shop the various stands, I often ask about how they grow their products and get information that seems in keeping with the organic food philosophy. (I have a friend that up till last year used to participate in the farmer's market as a vendor. So I believe this is inside information that seems credible).

Can't get to an organic food market?  When I can't get to the farmer's market, I will buy organic in the grocery store - even the big chain grocery stores have an organic food section these days.

I hope you enjoy the delicious flavors and feeling that is a part of doing your best to stay healthy. Please share your favorite food ideas with Susan by phone at 650-591-2303 or by email at Susan@susanfleminghealthyliving.com

Healthy Living Stretching and Massage Therapy

Healthy Living means taking care of your body so it can take care of you.  Regular stretching is critical. And if you are doing massage therapy, stretching in between sessions makes for a winning combination.  Stretching in between massage sessions will make your massage better, because many of the tight places will be easier to work on.

What prompted me to revisit the topic of stretching is that my sister called me the other day. After years of my suggesting stretching, sending her pages of stretches and mentioning yoga etc. - she finally started to stretch and said the next posting on my website should be about stretching. She is feeling less tense and more relaxed. 

Stretch Book  At The Relaxation Center, specific stretches are taught to help with certain ailments. Overall stretching is a goal that takes time and effort. It pays off for good, quality of life. A suggestion is to take yoga, Pilates and read Bob Anderson's book first.

There are some great suggestions on how to stretch in  the book, "Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition by Bob Anderson and Jean Anderson." Here are some of their suggestions:

1. Learning how to stretch is the most important part of stretching.

2.  Listening to your body and knowing that you can stretch more tomorrow.

3. It does not all have to happen in one day.

Massage can get to those spots that are virtually impossible to get to on your own. The combination of regular stretching the right way and the extra "boost" of massage will improve your overall flexibility and your life will be more pain free. 

Don't take years to start stretching, try it today.  Call Susan at 650-591-2303 to set up a massage time for yourself or if you have any questions about stretching. You can also email Susan@susanfleminghealthyliving.com

Healthy Living Quick Healthy Salad Prep Tip

Healthy Living means eating "good food". Making the time to have fresh vegetables can be easier than you imagine. A great idea is to buy your vegetables at the farmer's market. Get all the different color vegetables for a salad that you like. The next step is to prep your salad ingredients so they are ready to go.  Here are some hints to make it easy.

Plan Ahead Prep
Clean and cut up enough to make a salad that will last you and your family for at least four days. Cover the vegetables with a clean, dry paper towel. Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a top. The paper towel will help to equalize the moisture in the bowl. The vegetables will stay nice and crisp.

Last Minute Prep
Add things likes tomatoes, onions, avocados etc. in at the last minute when getting ready to serve the salad. This system works best with having crispy items such as lettuces, peppers, radishes, carrots etc... in the main salad bowl. So when you think you don't have time for a salad, you can take out what you need, add a little something different each time, put on the dressing and you are having a wonderful "good food" in a short period of time.

Probiotics for Healthy Living Healthy Body

Healthy Living means taking care of our body.  Probiotics should be considered as you take a look at your healthy body program.  What is probiotics? Probiotics are good bacterial that should be in your digestive system naturally. They help to break down the foods that we eat. Then the body can absorb the nutrients. 

Years ago we did not have antibiotics. They came into our society on a regular basis around 1940's +. Antibiotics are great for getting rid of the bad bacteria, but they also get rid of the good bacteria in our digestive system. To put the good bacteria back into our system, we need to take the probiotics. When we take antibiotics, it is advisable to take probiotics. It will help keep yeast infections from developing and help to keep being able to get the nutrition from our foods to get and stay healthy. The probiotics would be in our digestive system, if we did not have antibiotics.

We also get antibiotics from the meat/chicken(animal products) because they are pumped full of antibiotics, to keep them alive, because of the poor conditions they are in. We eat them and get the antibiotics they ate. Vegetables and fruits in many cases have antibiotics on them to prevent contamination, because many vegetable/fruit farms are near animal farm, waste run off. We need to reintroduce probiotics on a regular basis once or twice a week to keep our digestive system capable of breaking down our foods to be able to absorb the nutrition. 

Jarro_Dophilus_FOSThere are many brands on the market. One of them is:  Jarro-Dophilus + Fos. This is kept in the refrigerated section of WholeFoods or many health food stores. It is refrigerated and should be kept in the refrigerator because it is a live culture and the Fos is the food the culture eats. It is recommended to take one capsule two times a week to keep the good bacteria in your system. Each person is different and you will find what works for you. The instructions on the bottle say 1-3 capsules a day.

Start with just one(good idea). It will help with having better elimination. You will not need more spoonfuls of fiber with this solution most likely.(Bowel movements are supposed to be fluffy and not hard). Hard bowel movements create pockets in the colon, where food can collect and possibly cause more challenges later.  It is best to take one capsule 20 minutes after breakfast. Why? Because usually we don't eat garlic with breakfast. Garlic can neutralize the probiotics, because garlic is a natural antibiotic. It is not going to get rid of any major infections, but it is enough to discourage the probiotics from doing their job at first. 

You might think yogurt is enough, but most yogurts do not have the full strains of probiotics in them. The Dophilus I have mentioned above has the full strains of it. I believe there are 7 strains and the yogurts have one or a few. For our digestive system to do it's job, it is best to give it the right tools. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email  Susan@susanfleminghealthyliving.com

or call her at 650-591-2303.

(This process is something that has worked for Susan and many of her clients, but ask your doctor if it is ok).