Hydrating for Healthy Living Part 1
Susan Fleming Wellness Update

Hydrating for Healthy Living Part 2

Focusing on regular water consumption will help us feel and look better. In Part 1 we talked about the importance of hydrating on a regular basis. Here are more insights on why and how to best hydrate for healthy living:

I read a great article the other day with the latest thinking on hydrating.  It used to be said that we should drink an average of a half-gallon a day. Current thinking is to drink one gallon a day. This includes juices, soups, tea etc. (Cola drinks and artificially sweetened drinks were not advised in this article.)

Sunny Blue Skies and WaterAlso, drinking water by itself allows the water to flow through us without absorbing as well as it could. If we eat just a little bit of food or put a little food into our water, it will cause the body to absorb the water better, because the body thinks it is nutrition. So, if we put a slice of cucumber or orange in our water, or eat a little piece of dried fruit or a couple of nuts, our body will treat it as food and go through the process of digestion to get that water to all the places in the body that would benefit.

It is also recommended that we drink water a little at a time, having a few sips every 15 minutes, is better for us than gulping a pint all at once. It is like a dry plant, if you pour a bunch of water on the plant, it spills over because the plant can’t absorb it all – give the plant a little at a time and it can take the water in and perk up more rapidly.  

Staying hydrated health benefits include lowering blood pressure, getting rid of headaches, cleaning toxins out of the body, and having good flowing bowel movements (without enough water our body will pull all the water out of our bowel movements and make them hard, causing them to make dents in our colon and then seeds and other foods can get stuck in the dents and cause all kinds of problems). Odd to talk about, but it is real. Another benefit is healthier skin – hydrate from the inside out.

One other article I read said to not drink too much water at meals. Eat your food and let your body absorb the nutrients. After you are done eating, then start up the water consumption.  It is ok to drink water or liquid with the meal, but the big push for water is after eating.Lastly, make sure to clean your water bottle with hot water and dish soap and use a bottle brush. Reuse your bottles to help our environment. Keep bottles available in the car so you can hydrate if you’re thirsty or sip at red lights, have glasses by your bedside, etc. When you see the glass of water, don’t just look at it, drink it.

So remember, sunny blue skies and rainy days are both good. Sunny blue skies to enjoy and rainy days to bring us water to hydrate. Keep hydrating to enjoy healthy living and may all your days have blue skies!