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Hydrating for Healthy Living Part 2

Hydrating for Healthy Living Part 1

Sunny blue skies and rainy days are both good. Sunny blue skies to enjoy and rainy days to bring us water to hydrate. I have been talking about drinking water lately, so this may sound familiar. We can never hear it enough it seems.

In fact, I had two clients this year faint because of dehydration. These people would be considered very active and healthy. It just goes to show that hydration can get away from any us if don’t drink water regularly.

Some people are great water drinkers and some of us need a reminder to drink it regularly- every day. It does not come naturally for me to drink water all day long. I have to make myself drink more water. Sometimes I wait until I am thirsty to drink water. That is not the best way to stay hydrated – we should drink water BEFORE we are really thirsty to keep our body working at its optimal level.

Watch for another post with more more details on the why and how to hydrate for healthy living.  

Meanwhile here is a short video on this important topic.